How can a house pet help your mental and physical health?

How can a house pet help your mental and physical health?

We care for them, we feed them, and we let them into our lives, and give them the best life possible. But what if we now learn that our pets can actually improve our mental and physical health?  That would be just another reason to love them even more.

Caring for pets has been proven to help deal with anxiety and depression. The company of a cute puppy or playing with a cat can also help reduce stress. Besides the unconditional love that comes from a pet, these are some ways in which your furry companion can help.

  • The companion of a furry pet can help with your loneliness, make you more active, and even improve cardiovascular health.
  • Levels of dopamine and serotonin are increased when you play with a dog or a cat.
  • Dogs can help a patient more easily recover from a heart attack.  Statistical information reveals that heart attack patients that own a dog are likely to survive longer than those who do not.
  • Taking your pet for a walk, helps you exercise and take some fresh air. Research has shown that daily exercise is more likely accomplished by dog owners than those who are not.
  • Pets do not live in the past. They model for us a lifestyle of living one day at a time. Their companionship can help alleviate anxiety by offering comfort. 
  • As a consequence of exercising with your dog, the chances of you suffering a heart attack decrease. 
  • Petting a dog or a cat helps in several ways.  It lowers blood pressure, cuts down on the stress hormone, and several other anxiety-related maladies.

There are other countless benefits that come from providing you dog with a life it deserves.


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