Three small animals that hibernate

Three small animals that hibernate

Some animals become inactive during the winter season due to very low temperatures and lack of available food. The process of inactivity of animals is called as hibernation and is categorized by low body temperature, slow breathing, and slow heartbeat. Some animals hibernate for a short period of time and some for longer.


The hamster is an animal that is also considered one of the best pet animals. Many people become very depressed when they see that their pet appears to have died. Usually people do not know that a light process of hibernation takes place in hamsters for a few days. When people awake hamsters from hibernation, they become scared and irritated. Sometimes this situation can cause the death of the hamster due to heart attack.

Ground Squirrels

Hibernation for ground squirrels takes place for 9 months to one year. A change also occurs in their blood due to hibernating. Ground squirrels find good places in which to hibernate. They usually dig tunnels under bushes. These tunnels have rooms for wastage, food storage, and for sleep.

Wood frog

The wood frog also hibernates during winter season. During hibernation, ice crystals will form on their bodies. The places wood frogs hibernate tree wood, underground holes, and below the rocks and leaves. During hibernation, their heart beat stops and ice crystals occur in the blood. In hot weather, the heartbeat, lungs, and breathing return to normal working condition.

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