What kind of pet is a sugar-glider?

What kind of pet is a sugar-glider?

Sugar gliders are possums that belong to the marsupial family. Sugar Gliders bear an uncanny resemblance and have similar habits to the flying squirrel, though they are not related. Their name comes from their love for sugary nectar and their ability to glide through the air. Their ability to glide comes from a gland that extends from the forelegs to the hind legs. They glide from tree to tree and they rarely travel on the ground. The gliding plays an important role in the ability of escaping from predators and accessing food. Sugar Gliders are most commonly found in Australia, New Guinea and certain Indonesian islands.

Sugar-gliders as pets

Most people confuse these furry creatures for rodents. They come from the same family as kangaroos and koala bears. Sugar-gliders are known for their intelligence and their significant advantages over rodent pets. The sugar-glider can live up to 12-15 years if they are taken care of properly; they have the same intelligence as a dog and after proper training, they will respond to their name and can even perform tricks. If you worry about the smell a pet leaves in the house, sugar-gliders will be perfect for your home as they leave no noticeable smell if fed properly. They are known to be hygienic animals because they clean themselves regularly. Unlike rodent pets, these creatures do not constantly gnaw or chew things around the house.

Another huge advantage of a sugar-glider is that they make loyal pets. They form strong and permanent bonds with their human families. They will not shy away or try to hide once they have been trained and cared for by their family. Once they form such a strong bond, they can be taken out while running errands or when visiting other people.


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