Three exotic pets that are legal to own.

Three exotic pets that are legal to own.

Now, before jumping in into our list of exotic pets that you can legally own, it is important to discuss several aspects. What makes these animals exotic is the fact that they are rare as pets and, therefore, have not been domesticated and will probably never fully be so. This means that you will most likely have to deal with many situations that can prove stressful and even dangerous.  These wild animals require a lot of energy, time, and respect. 

That being said, here is our list of three exotic pets that you can legally own.  Some exotic pets are legal to own in very few states in the US and others are legal in several other countries. 


The name literally means “water pigs”. So yes, in order to own a capybara, you will need to renovate your backyard and build them an artificial lagoon. They are semi-aquatic animals and of course, they love the water.  In the wild, these rodents are very social, traveling in packs of even ten.  In captivity, due to their social need, an owner needs to at least have two capybaras in order for them to be happy. 

Fennec Fox

This is a very cute animal that, even though is related to the dog, its behavior is more closely to that of a cat meaning that they love to sleep and can be trained like a cat. They are originally from Northern Africa and can live up to 16 years. 


People have discovered that once you remove the scent glands from them, a skunk can actually make a really cute pet. They are actually pretty playful.  This might pose a problem because they have a high tendency of stealing and hiding small trinkets all around the house.


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