British shorthair coming from Wonderland

British shorthair coming from Wonderland

Many people consider this cat as one of the most beautiful cats in the world and often compare it with the cat from Alice in Wonderland.
This breed is definitely one of the most popular breed in the world, right after Siamese cats and Persian cats.
A legend says that Cesar brought this breed from Egypt to Great Britain in order to keep her safe from rodents.
In time this breed became pretty “big”, developed thick fur and became British shorthair. Some people see this cat as a chubby cat, because their average weight is around 7-8 kilograms (for males) and 4-6 kilograms (for females).

They have big, adorable eyes, so that’s why they often look more like a fluffy toy, than a cat.
The color of their eyes is sometimes gold, silver and can be also the color of copper. Luckily they are pretty “equipped” when it comes to their fur, since it is really thick, which keeps them worm during those cold, rainy days in Great Britain.

When you first take a look at these cats you would first notice their smiley face, which is why people adore them, because it looks like they are constantly smiling.
Young, shorthair British cat has very strong, resistant organism, because it takes three to five years for her to be fully developed.
That’s why British shorthair lives really long. They are very cheery and playful, so in case you have a child she would be an amazing companion.
Even though they simply love your company, you don’t have to worry about leaving them alone, because they can entertain themselves easily.



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