The World’s Biggest Pig – 1984 pounds

The World’s Biggest Pig – 1984 pounds

Generally pigs and other such animals don’t grow more than the average age, height and the weight for their species. However, extraordinary results can happen if the owner of the animal takes care of it properly and provides good quality food. Here is an example of a pig that belongs to a farmer in Wafangdian City, located in northeast China near the border of North Korean. According to the farmer, he took very good care of his pig. He provided him the best quality food along with the best sty that he could build.

He became very fond of this pig and he thought of it as his pet. The farmer said that the pig’s age was not more than 5 years old and he was taken to the museum because he was the biggest pig in the whole world.

The management of the museum requested the Guinness Book of World Record management to pronounce him the biggest pig ever. Its weight is about 1984 pounds which is about 900 kg. 

The pig’s tusk is about 14.4 cm long while its waistline is 2.23 m. and its length is about 2.5 m. The biggest pig died on February 5, 2016 shortly after it was given to the museum to record its measurements and weight. His owner aptly gave him the name “BIG BILL” because of his large size. Some people said that the pig died only because of being so overweight. A normal pig tends to live a longer life than five years.

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