Australia's project to save the Tasmanian Devil

Australia's project to save the Tasmanian Devil

The governments of Australia and Tasmania, together with some non-profit charities have come together to work on a program to save the Tasmanian Devil from extinction. The marsupial is at the peril of extinction due to a rare and infectious cancer disease that has spread throughout the population and has wiped out 90% of these marsupials.

SInce they are endangered, they are highly protected and the program is in its first five-year plan to save them. The governments have been funding this program since 2013.

The first stage focuses on the cancerous disease itself. There have been extensive studies to gather information about the nature of the disease and how it is being transmitted. Lately, there has been exciting news about vaccines being developed to cure the contagious disease that is killing the Tasmanian Devil.

The second stage focuses on holding the species in semi-wild sanctuaries where they are protected and bred under supervision and care. This pool of Tasmanian Devils is also known as the insurance population.

The third and the last stage will focus on recovery of the affected Tasmanian Devils in combination with enhancing the insurance population. This stage will explore how to treat the disease and to release as many of these Devils back into their natural habitat as possible.

In the future, the experts will try to discover how the reduced population of Tasmanian Devils affects the general environment and what ecological impact they have on another species in danger of extinction.

For more information, the public has free access to annual reports of this program.


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